Friday, September 7, 2007

my best friend chai!

since everyone nowadays are writing about their best friends.. so here goes, i wana write about my bestest best bff for ever ever... hahaha me and my friend chaicheeyen a.k.a CCY22! we spend so much in common!! i mean we have so much fun together.. i did not know i'll meet such a friend in my life... eventhough we have our friendly small arguements over nothing hahahaha its all good!! it all started when we were form1... hmmm i did not have any friends because i just shifted here recently from PJ... so i met this chinese boy.... and waalaaah we became frens.... and very good friends that is... until now that has been 5years... so cool... everything we do its sure will be fun.... frm just sitting in a corner bored.. we will eventually laugh and make jokes... we also go fishing..eeehhemm.. yea fishing for interesting things u know.. hahaha... i dont know what i would do without him.. hahaha i guess would be bored and lonely... hahhaahahaha weird... and i'm sure there will be alot after we come out of school!! so i cant wait!!! hahaha now pros in driving in arcade and soon racers on the road!! hahaha safe racers that is... CCY22 and BEN22 remember forever dude!!!

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