Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Alot people see my car as myvi.. i dunno why.. so far ppl like my car.. at 1st impression they tot viva is a lausy car... but when they actually sit in my car they will find it very spacious, the music is nice(upgraded my sound system with soundstream tweeters) and they like my few detailing i did with the car.. just added my spoiler.. cost me rm250 with white paint.. =.=" exp... did sum of the new lightings on my car.. with a HKS piping.. so far so good.. slowly slowly ler... finding air filters for my car.. preferbly KNN air filters.. finding lenso rims to suit my car cause its light.. and hopefully low profile tires.. now using cap oni... hehehe.. alil sad.. hmmm oh yea.. btw my blog is called alfa145 is because i have an 145.. b4 then i didnt know i was gona get a viva.. so enjoy the pic.. till the next upgrade will be the next post... out

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Mango said...

It has very comfy and flexible seats!