Wednesday, September 24, 2008


GOSH~ so damn freaking pissed!!! Stupid CD-R.. i bought this Verbatim cd.. supposedly it is made in japan and it had extra protection so when eventho it is stratched the cd is still readable and durable.. 1 CD-R cost me RM2... lol.. i bought 50 in a pack.. This CD-R (non re-writable) is like those childish games called Pokemon.. whr u use pokeballs to catch monsters.. and if the monsters run away then u wont be able to catch the monsters and the expensive pokeball is destroyed ... same goes to this CD-R .. 2 of my CD just gone 2 waste.. i tried burning song files in da cd.. and suddenly it said error.. so i tried burnning the same cd again because no song was burned in there.. but when the pc read the cd.. it says its * CD Full* pls use a new empty CD.. GOSHH~ WTF.. ARGG~ 2cd's gone~ wat a waste of money.. and the best part the 2cd's has nothing *NO* files burn in it.. and i have to throw away.. =.=" *note to self = buy re-writable* GRRR~

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