Monday, October 20, 2008

Best HotWheels Promo Pack !

Bought the promo pack with the 2 ferrari(enzo&FXX), top secret nissan z, gold Skyline, designer car. the other 3 cars was separate.. EVO X, CIVIC Si, CAMARO Convertable. Camaro Convertable concept Porsche Carrera GT , Civic Si (gold) EVO X (RED 08), Gold Skyline, Designer car (blue) Ferrari Enzo (blue), Ferrari FXX(black), Nissan Z (silver TOP SECRET) P.S i called it bast promo pack cuz i got all the cars i wanted from hotwheels.... although there wasn't any T-hunt/$ cars.. but i was happy with what i got.. rare to see hard to find cars in one pack like the Top Secret nissanZ, FXX (black),enzo(blue) and especially the EVO X (red) .

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