Wednesday, November 12, 2008


PIKACHU CAR!! after searching high and low with my girlfriend from , 1u, pyramid, parade... and everywhere else.... FINALLY found it... its a secret where we found it.. but here it is.. the cute lil car .. based from the series POKEMON. Its actually a toyota car in real life.. great marketing plan. This is the second car i bought.. Its really a great detail tomica unlike limited.. it has plastic headlamps and bigger tomica rims and the back light is a chrome kinda red.. really a great tomica to have. The 3rd find is the nissan skyline.. it also have very nice details with opening doors.. but if only the rims were bigger it would look alot more better.. and it has a really great shiny black paint job.. The subaru wrx new gen.. only the bonet could open other that that its a nice car overall.. this is also a rare find.. the JRD ford focus.. was finding this so long and got it.. =D it would be carded so i wont get to play with it =( ... hope u liked the cars... till the next post.. cya... p/s and thx bee for searching the cars with me.

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