Sunday, March 8, 2009

Restoration in progress

I know i have not post for a very very long time... college work mainly and just pure lazy to post in my free time.. but since then i have been keeping track on updates on many bloggers who is out there sharing your info with us... and i have a secret project on the way... it has been with me for some time and i wanted to make it as special as i could because it is a very special car in the HotWheels history.. this car actually made it from the small scale of 1/64 to a real life size vehicle... i think you all should know by now.. yes... its the DEORA II although the twin mill and Deora I was the first diecast scale model to be made into a real vehicle.. but for me the Deora II was probably the best looking. hope you will like the finishing result soon.. cause it would be just a shine.. ;D

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