Wednesday, December 24, 2008

custom 1994 range rover - in progress-

stay tune for my next custom! 1994 Range Rover - tomica the body has been stripped to its metal from a coat of dark blue. hopefully this custom will make it look as realistic as possible.. my target.. thank you for reading my post.


FINALLY my E34 is done, it took quite some time and sorry. so this is the end result. i sprayed the E34 white because of its M-power series, and thanks elgee for some tips on this customization. this is my Christmas modification! hope you liked it! its a 17-year old diecast 1/64 scale matchbox car, i had it when i was 2years old i think. enjoy the pictures and feel free to post comments. thank you. p.s i don't photoshop the pictures. hope u liked the original.

Friday, December 19, 2008

new finds

VW samba minibus .. the pizza rims should tell you the brand.. its a nice bus with good details.. just needs a wheel swap! =D Alfa Romeo giulia sprint GTA Audi TT *new model* 07 Cadillac Escalade Hiway Hauler with sliding bed TVR tuscan S Range Rover Sport Chevy Silverado Lastly... the Smart for two.. in my opinion.. this smart for two looks better then the tomica model.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Detailed Hotwheels ENZO Ferrari

Detailed Hotwheels ENZO Ferrari i did this a year ago.. =D

Feature car - Mercedes

MERCEDES - S-class , CLS 500. MAISTO - Mercedes Benz S-class MATCHBOX - Mercedes Benz CLS 500

Thursday, December 4, 2008

7/11 hotwheels and matchbox

On the way home came and stopped by 7/11 and look what i found.. the Ferrari racer 430 Scuderia and the FXX ... both awesome detailed Ferrari then bought a Matchbox #85 Land Rover Discovery (outback adventure) version.

TOMICA nissan Z racing version.

Just bought this 2 Nissan Z at a local mall, and the price RM16.90 each.. TOMICA is getting more expensive.. netherless this cars looks great.. Yellow Hat Nissan Z Calsonic Impul Z