Monday, February 2, 2009

Tomica 1994 Range Rover Custom *Done*

TOMICA 1994 RANGE ROVER CUSTOM -finally done.. -paint scheme black -Rims changes ( as you can see its a familiar rim) =D - how it looked before.. added alot more detail.. - chrome door handles.. - Diamond headlights with chrome fog lights.. - rear lamps.. - 3rd brake light added.. - more detailing with the rear side panel scoop hope you like the overall results.. its just a simple custom job.. Thanks for viewing. And btw the Rims are donated by car no.17 from the Disney Animated movie CARS. p.s How can i make the car non-dusty when taking macro shots? no matter how well i clean the car, there are some stubborn micro dust specs that keeps landing on the car.. tips anyone? BENPAUL .