Monday, March 30, 2009


Some news from SHELL.... there will be a special event on Thursday 2nd April 2009, at Pavilion KL from 10am to 11pm. It's a carnival/roadshow in conjunction with the Shell Ferrari 2009 model car campaign, where you can come bask in the Ferrari F1 fever happening all that week. Especially for Ferrari freaks! Shell is bringing in a Ferrari on display, but better still..... there will be special VIP appearances between 11am - 12noon.... by none other than Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa themselves! They will be making a short stop at this event... so if you're a Ferrari F1 team fan, come and try to catch a glimpse of your favorite drivers next Thursday! They don't have much time due to a tight schedule, but as they are there for a special media event, they should be making a short pit stop at this carnival site, so get your cameras ready!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Official Press release for SHELL FERRARI MODEL CARS

Feel the added responsiveness with Shell’s latest Ferrari model cars Petaling Jaya, 3 March 2009 – Shell Malaysia launched its latest and hottest set of five limited edition Shell-Ferrari model cars at the 1 Utama Shopping Centre today. The launch was officiated by Dato’ Mohzani Abdul Wahab, Managing Director, Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd and Shell Timur Sdn Bhd. Riding on the success of the first two Shell-Ferrari model car campaigns of 2007 & 2008, Shell is embarking on their third campaign this year, which aims to reinforce the Shell-Ferrari partnership to the Malaysian public. The five Shell-Ferrari model cars available in the latest Shell-Ferrari collection are the 430 Scuderia, FXX Evoluzione, 599 GTB Fiorano, 612 Scaglietti and the 360 GTC. Each car is a detailed 1:38 scale replica and has a unique Touch Steering function on the underside, giving directional control of the cars. This distinctive function allows owners to program the model cars to steer up to 15 different directions for each pull-back. “The Touch Steering function in these latest model cars puts the power and performance in your hands with an added feeling of responsiveness, similar to when you’re fuelling up with Shell V-Power Racing,” said Dato’ Mohzani. “Shell V-Power Racing not only unleashes more power and performance to the engine, but also helps motorists rediscover their passion for driving,” he added. “We expect this campaign to be very well received by the public, as the previous collections yielded tremendous response. That is why we are bringing in more cars this year, over 3.2million of them. Furthermore, Michael Schumacher, the man who won 7 titles with the Ferrari Formula One team powered by Shell fuels and lubricants is now back to endorse these cars in the latest Shell-Ferrari model car advertisements,” he commented. Malaysia, a leading market for Shell V-Power Racing is the first to launch these Shell-Ferrari model cars in the world. “We are proud to be the first to bring you the latest collection of Shell-Ferrari model cars, which now come with Touch Steering. So Malaysians can now pride themselves with another first!” said Dato’ Mohzani. To add to the excitement of this launch, nationwide roadshows will be organized offering a host of activities that will engage the Malaysian public in fun and exciting activities for all. In addition, visitors to the roadshow can experience the Shell Formula One simulator and learn more about Shell V-Power Racing. The model cars in this collection can be purchased from today by fuelling up at any Shell station nationwide with a minimum RM40 spend on Shell V-Power Racing, Shell Super, Shell Regular or Shell Diesel. Those who fill up with Shell V-Power Racing can purchase the model cars at a special price of RM6.90 each, whilst filling up with Shell Super, Shell Regular or Shell Diesel will allow you to attain it at only RM8.90. Customers can also attain two Shell-Ferrari model cars with the purchase of Shell Helix Lubricants at any Shell Station nationwide. The two model cars are the yellow Ferrari 599 GTB model car with dynamic engine sound, which is only available exclusively with the purchase of Shell lubricants, and the Ferrari 430 Scuderia model car with Touch Steering. You will be able to attain these model cars at a special price of RM6.90 if you purchase Shell Helix Ultra HX7 or HX7 Diesel (4L), and RM8.90 with the purchase of Shell Helix HX5 (3 or 4L). On top of the above mentioned, there will also be another two cars which will be launched in conjunction with the Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix in April to complete the garage set, so keep a look out during the Formula One season. To complement the car fever, we are introducing a play mat which allows you to create your own race using the touch steering function of these Ferrari models. The play mat which retails at RM15.00 each, is available at all Shell stations and Shell roadshows. “This is a one-of-a-kind collection and a must have for motoring enthusiasts and definitely for Ferrari fans. This 11-week campaign starts today, and ends on May 11. So steer yourself to your nearest Shell station, fill up with Shell V-Power Racing, Shell Super, Shell Regular, Shell Diesel and Shell Lubricants, and get your exclusive Shell-Ferrari model cars today before stocks run out!” said Dato’ Mohzani. Shell V-Power, the result of over 60 years of shared passion for performance with Ferrari, is formulated to clean up any deposits that other regular fuels may have left behind, and has a unique Friction Modification Technology (FMT) which is designed to help keep the engine parts working smoothly, and so improve the responsiveness and performance. Shell V-Power is our ‘Ferrari Fuel for your car’. For more information, visit About Shell V-Power Racing Every drop of Shell V-Power Racing is designed to help your car, whatever car you drive, perform to its potential. Shell V-Power, the result of over 60 years of shared passion for performance with Ferrari, is formulated to clean up any deposits that other regular fuels may have left behind, and has a unique Friction Modification Technology (FMT) which is designed to help keep the engine parts working smoothly, and so improve the responsiveness and performance. Shell V-Power is our ‘Ferrari Fuel for your car’. About Shell Shell is a world leading energy company whose Downstream (oil products) business has pioneered numerous advances in fuels and lubricants technology and offers motorists one of the widest choices of petroleum products and services. Shell is the world’s largest fuels retail business with over 46,000 retail stations in more than 90 countries and Malaysia is a key growth market. Shell is the official sponsor and technical partner of the Ferrari Formula One team and the Ducati World MotoGP team.


Ferrari 430 Scuderia with touch steering

The 430 Scuderia was unveiled by Michael Schumacher at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show.

It is the ENHANCED sportier version of the classic F430… lightened, sportier and more innovative. It is called dubbed by Ferrari as the strongest and purest Ferrari – the highest expression of the Ferrari DNA in terms of uncompromising sportiness – a unique supercar. Combines perfectly handling, control and performance.

The F430 Scuderia is the perfect car for passionate and sporty customers, who use their car on race tracks and closed off circuits. An ultimate aspiration for those seeking a compromise between extreme performance and driving pleasure. The touch steering feature, is a new feature to the shell ferrari cars this season.. as i might say it is nice to see change since the last few season ferrari's SHELL.. Almost all the car this season has the Touch Steering feature.. if you have a big room with a clean non bumpy surface , you might just see the power of the toy with the pull back and touch steering feature.. its really nice to see the car go in circles.. An official badge from ferrari saying its an official product from them really makes us owning this toy car really special... as it is a licence product from ferrari...

· The 430 Scuderia was unveiled by Michael Schumacher at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show.

· It is lighter (by 100 kg/220 lb) and more powerful (515 PS (508 hp/379 kW) at 8500 rpm.) than the standard F430. Thus the weight-to-power ratio is reduced from 2.96 kg/hp to 2.5 kg/hp.

· The cosmetic differences between the 430 Scuderia and the F430 upon which it is based include a re-styled front fascia, modified side-skirts, twin exhaust tips, a revised rear diffuser design, 19" wheels designed specifically for the 430 Scuderia, carbon-fibre wing, mirrors, carbon-fibre challenge grille, two racing stripes along the middle and the 430 Scuderia badge.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The New Ferrari Shell model cars we should all know by now that the New Ferrari Model cars are out at our local SHELL petrol station. And it has been some time now that they have started giving away this 1:30 scale FERRARI's . Same as the last 2 years give away ferrari's, customers of shell who have refilled above RM40.00 will entitle to get the models at RM6.90 for V-Power, RM8.90 for Super or Diesel. It has 5 cars all together, 430 Scuderia, FXX Evoluzione, 599 GTB Fiorano, 612 Scaglietti, and 360 GTC.. although 2 more cars has different purchase value in petrol the yellow 599 GTB Fiorano and the F2008 F1 model ( romore says it that The F2008 wont be released yet until the upcoming F1 races in Sepang *is this true* stay tune to find out) In my next post i will do a full review of the FERRARI 430 SCUDERIA and following by the others models that comes to my hand everytime i refill my petrol.. As i can say all the model cars are looking much better then the pervious 1st and 2nd year Model FERRARI's. The 1st was was a 2-speed pull back ferrari and the 2nd was additional feature of differental engine sound in each model cars. And this year they have TOUCH STEERING , as i can say they are looking pretty sweet ! hopefully i can collect them all.. Till the next post.. 430 SCUDERIA!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


click image for team-impact website Just made a video for my car club hope you will enjoy it too.. click link to watch video


Parkson at 1 utama has just restock i think about 1box of Matchbox vehicles and a box of Hotwheels.. went to sushi zanmai for lunch and since i was there so i dropped by at parkson.. had some nice hauls thought.. The 3 nices hauls was the green porsche 911 GT3, a RED Corvette ZR1 and a Morgan aeromax.. it was totally worth it to buy this for RM6.50 each, the details was simple stricking and better then HotWheels. My lao po also found a cute little London Taxi the Austin FX4.. For the HotWheels hauls... there was nothing really amazing.. i got 1 amazoom, a 40's woodie, a black camaro and a Chrysler 300c '09 card.. not bad i guess.. i cant seem to score any DK or any TH$.. sad... but they was also a large amount of 5 ALARMS firetruck.. haha i didnt really have the cash in hand to get so many though.. so i left them.. The corvette has very nice details.. as you can see clearly , the roof of the corvette.. it has a carbon fiber roof.. now thats what i call detailing. So i contacted DEMONICLE and TOYCARSMY to notice them about this haul.. Demonicle requested for all the police subaru's... so here are they =D will give you when i see ya.. i only found 2 of them tho.. as for toycarsmy i text him and for the first time i was speaking to him, and he asked me to do a FR .. so here it is.. hopefully i will get lucky next time and get some nice MB civic type R and TH$ or The one i have been looking for HIGH and low the (REVENTON).. really looking forward for it.. till the next post.. ( the completion of the DEORA 2)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Restoration in progress

I know i have not post for a very very long time... college work mainly and just pure lazy to post in my free time.. but since then i have been keeping track on updates on many bloggers who is out there sharing your info with us... and i have a secret project on the way... it has been with me for some time and i wanted to make it as special as i could because it is a very special car in the HotWheels history.. this car actually made it from the small scale of 1/64 to a real life size vehicle... i think you all should know by now.. yes... its the DEORA II although the twin mill and Deora I was the first diecast scale model to be made into a real vehicle.. but for me the Deora II was probably the best looking. hope you will like the finishing result soon.. cause it would be just a shine.. ;D