Monday, October 20, 2008

Best HotWheels Promo Pack !

Bought the promo pack with the 2 ferrari(enzo&FXX), top secret nissan z, gold Skyline, designer car. the other 3 cars was separate.. EVO X, CIVIC Si, CAMARO Convertable. Camaro Convertable concept Porsche Carrera GT , Civic Si (gold) EVO X (RED 08), Gold Skyline, Designer car (blue) Ferrari Enzo (blue), Ferrari FXX(black), Nissan Z (silver TOP SECRET) P.S i called it bast promo pack cuz i got all the cars i wanted from hotwheels.... although there wasn't any T-hunt/$ cars.. but i was happy with what i got.. rare to see hard to find cars in one pack like the Top Secret nissanZ, FXX (black),enzo(blue) and especially the EVO X (red) .

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

canon ixus 860.. What one camera, a pen, a piece of cotton can do.

Let the pictures do the talking...

Why do ppl love the round logo for coffee shops?

J.CO DONUTS A Round logo of a peacock...BIG APPLE DONUTS A Round logo of new york , Empire State Building STARBUCKS COFFEE A Round logo of a lady (mermaid kind?) The Coffee Bean A Round logo of a coffee bean.. HAHA... i dun understand why they love to use round logos.. it all looks like its from the same company of smt.. hmmmm... but all their products TASTE SO GOOD!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Singapore and HongKong Diorama!

SERIOUSLY I AM IMPRESSED! This are life like Dioramas of Singapore and HongKong City! i grabbed the pics from one of my friends! and here goes.. SINGAPORE! Housing area mini style look at all the smll cars.. i supposed its 1/64 scale? or smaller? HONGKONG! No they are not real! they are all scalled down busses! as small as 2fingers.. so detailed! *this are not my work.. it was taken from a friend. I Just wanted to post for how amazing it is! The pictures are produced by special tilt shift Len and saturated colour setting on the camera made the real scenery looked like artificial.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

update.. new diecasts!

sum new sum old.. enjoy the pictures.. pooh bear car.. dodge ram truck wit sound system and tv in the trunk, nice hotwheel diecast dodge charger.. two tone green/black with black flames.. old tomica limited random edition1974 civic and datsun 1200 coupe.. RM5 train.. Yellow Hat GT-R super ambulance *NEW* HITACHI -EG110R construction vehicle new soft top camaro.. thats all for now.. till the next post.. c ya...